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If you are seeking counselling or personal coaching, here are a few things you should know about how I work: My style is straightforward yet compassionate. It’s also collaborative because I believe each of us is the expert in our own life. In terms of theoretical frameworks, I tend to be a humanist first and a cognitive behaviourist second, so I focus on compassionate reinforcement of new thinking and desirable habits. I do this work because people matter to me. I apply my skills and my training to help my clients overcome obstacles to a better life. When they can do that, we succeed together.

Leslie Cameron


Psychotherapeutic counselling is your opportunity to talk about concerns, overcome obstacles, and develop personal skills that can make things easier. Sometimes we go about our daily lives on auto-pilot, not pausing to examine the impact of what we’re doing. Counselling is a way to pause, reflect, and take stock of what’s important and what needs to change — to align your life with what you truly want.

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If you are looking for support to challenge yourself, coaching can be extremely helpful. Coaching is a practical approach to identifying parts of your life that are out of sync with the rest. We will examine what you want to accomplish in the months and years ahead, then establish strategies and goals to help you achieve what’s most important to you. Coaching can get you to the next level, then well beyond.

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